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Patrick Murphy employs logical, critical and strategic thinking across all areas of his art and design practice. He has over 25 years of experience in working in the design and art sectors, including working as an independent design curator and consultant. Founder/ Director of MADE NORTH & Sheffield Design Week. Founder of Modernist Guides a series of international city guides exploring modernist achitecture and design.

He works across a wide range of projects from art commissions for large scale installations of his own work such as ‘Belonging’ at Walker Gallery for Liverpool Biennial to curating leading design exhibitions and projects for others including curating the MADE NORTH Gallery programme and annual conference. Projects have included ‘Revolutions’ from Gatefold to Download an history of the album cover to this years celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the British Road Sign. The act of making and design is central to his work, whether through making his own or curating that of others.

Murphy’s conceptual approach is grounded in creating a dialogue with our surroundings and each other. Using familiar objects and themes to depict and examine our culture, he seeks to alter the original context of his subjects so they appear simultaneously both familiar and unfamiliar, to encourage and stimulate a sense of questioning and search for meaning from the viewer.

Creative – Manifesto
Communication is everything, everywhere, everyone strives to understand and be understood.
Use design and art without hierarchy as a means to communicate ideas, share visions, celebrate life and spontaneity.
Make stuff, make it happen, make it up, make it work, for me, for you, for all!
It’s all about process, concepts, precepts – mix it up change/subvert.
Make complicated things easy, allow simple things to be complicated.
Be honest, humble, reinvent, redux, reappropriate, distill ideas, feelings to their essence.
Then begin!


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